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Looking at Art


Art defiantly speaks about one of the most significant horizons of culture. In a generation of exemplary lifestyle, the touch of 1900s and modernisation of 2000s is a necessity. Thus we at Aayaam, aim to uphold and put forth art for people to
experiment and be a part of.

Comedian on Stage


Aayaam infrastructure enables people to access and consume the space in a quick, convenient and holistic
manner. The presence of act, is central to what makes people crave for creative and stimulating environments.

Paper Fans


We are enriched with varied cultures, habits and habitats all over the country. Aayaam is a cultural spaces that aims to extract and exhibit these cultures for people all over the

Image by Amélie Mourichon


Aayaam intends to timelessly share human sentiments, goals, aims and ideas. In its essence, it is the very thread that weaves together societies by giving members an experience of shared identity and works.


Facilities Available

  • Cassette A/C - 3 

  • Ceiling Fans

  • Projector - 1 

  • Speakers - 6 

  • Surround sound

  • Woofer - 1Sound console - 1 

  • Amplifier - 1 

  • Wooden benches - 10 

  • Room dividers/Separation - 2 (black)

  • Lights with 3 settings (white, bright yellow, yellow)

  • Sofa set + Coffee table 

  • Pantry with kettle + tea & coffee 

  • Washroom 

For Booking

  • Email - 

  • Phone - +91 72192 75508 , +9176665 64098 

  • Instagram - @aayaambyhouseofaadyaa

  • Facebook - Aayaam by House of Aadyaa

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